Be the Change you want to see in the World. Ghandi

Welcome. This is a place where you can meet positive, pro-active people all around the World and gather to create a friendlier, happier and safer future

The Focallocal Positive Social Action Community is an International Movement of Passionate and Pro-active people. We meet and take Public Positive Activities and Projects to the streets to explore creative and fun solutions which impacting any and all societal issues

Our Community is built on the belief that lasting change is most effectively achieved when:

  1. Using positivity + friendly actions
  2. Created with local people, and mirrored in communities all over the World
  3. Made when many small ripples come together creating a Global wave of positivity
  4. Most importantly - when taking action is Easy, Social, and FUN!

What We Do


Meet enthusiastic, friendly and pro-active people where you live, or anywhere in the World by inviting them to go create Public Positive Action with you ..meeting awesome people while travelling is easy!

One of the most Powerful ways to be Happier is by doing things to make others around you Happy! When you give positivity out it comes back in doubles. like a lovely echo

International Action Days

Join thousands of happy people in cities all across the World creating butterfly effects to sweep a wave of positive energy all across our planet and give it a big hug. Join the Global Party


Creative projects targeting societal issues locally, like homelessness, are suggested by our community, then broken down into small challenges in our Action Centre, which anyone can drop in and take on

Successful projects can then be recreated by Focallocallers anywhere in the World, and adapted to fit their cultural requirements. We want to empower everyone by showing that when we come together with a plan and a goal, we are powerful to make huge impact on specific issues and improving quality of life where we live

Positive Psychology Challenges

To change the world around you, you also have to change the World within you. Habits can be effectively formed by repeating one task every day for 30 days

Join other Focallocallers around the World using 30 day challenges to build positive living habits, together encouraging and supporting each other on an onward journey towards a happier, healthier mind, life and relationships

What You Can Do

Action Centre

'I want to help [insert your favourite cause here], but i'm too busy'. The Action Center has been designed so now you can! In 'Chat' we suggest and discuss Creative + Fun projects/activities targeting local issues you care about, like, homelessness, young people in need of extra support, the elderly, etc

Then in 'Challenges' projects are broken down into bite size challenges which anyone can tackle. Drop a card into 'Complete' when its done, no more guilt over something you said you'd do but then got busy


Search our map for Positive Activities near you, create your own, or send Positive Action requests to other pro-active and friendly people where ever you are now, or somewhere you are travelling to soon

You can also post yourself onto the map for others to invite you to join them and meet to spend an hour, or maybe a day, spreading public positivity together

Use our map to make awesome new friends, while re-moulding your town's culture to be a little friendlier, happier and safer with each one

Community News

At the Community News Hub you'll find happy articles, photos and videos from other community members about creating positive social change with Focallocal

Anyone is welcome to come and write or share media about their experiences of Positive Social Action, don't worries about perfect grammar or English, volunteer editors will help you iron out any wrinkles and create an article so lovely it sparkles

Activities List

Browse Activities and read 'how to' guides for all our tried and tested Public Positivity Activities, International Action Days, Positive Social Action Projects and Positive Psychology Challenges

it's a treasure chest of inspiring ideas that will make your life, and the lives of those around you happier and more awesome. Pick your next adventure!

Why It Will Work

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up. Mark Twain

We live in a time where most people are aware that the World should be a better place to live in, feel a responsibility to change the many societal ills we've inherited, and are increasingly frustrated by our lack of power to affect these issues we've inherited

Modern life is often so busy that its normal worry whether you can commit regularly to help a good cause, and there are soo many to choose from. We've turned creating positive societal change into play-time!

  1. Something fun you'll want to do with your friends
  2. You can use to meet awesome new friends
  3. a quick activity that refreshes your energy and positivity
  4. something you can do on the way to work, or on a lunch break

    You can do it when you want, where you want, with no long-term commitments

    Each positive action makes a tiny ripple of change within those who interact with it, and as these tiny ripples combine together positive actions in public becomes more and more normal where you live, adding to a wave which already exists and is growing

    Play, have fun together, and reach out a friendly hand to those around you. We are part of the beginnings of a new, happier society awakening

    thanks to for their generous support of our mission to shape a friendlier, happier and safer World, who hosting this site for our community for free x

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